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Moving company marketing: Top 11 lead gen tips for achieving ROI on marketing

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: June 5, 2023 | Home services marketing

moving company marketing

One of the cogent challenges business owners face in the moving and relocation sector today is how to market a moving company. Even though all other aspects of your company might be top-notch, without a proper approach toward the marketing campaign, most of your efforts might go to waste on a subpar marketing strategy.

To help you avoid redundancy while recording an increase in marketing ROI, I’ll be sharing with you some moving marketing tips I’ve garnered over the years.

Guidelines to adhere to during your moving company marketing campaign

While digital marketing practices can be generally niched down to specific processes, marketing for movers requires some extra attention to industry details. These details help identify your business as a home service provider while connecting you to a more appropriate audience. 

Here are the 11 best practices you should keep in mind when marketing a moving company:

moving company marketing location targeting

Having an ideal customer profile in your target market would position your service brand for better lead gen in the industry. For example, as a moving company in Minnesota, you can target clients looking to rent storage spaces alongside your regular moving service.
While your moving company marketing campaign would not be centered around this specific group, this gives you an added advantage over competitors in the area.

Pro tip: You must always be location specific when niching down your target audience.

Your unique selling point (USP) could be anything ranging from lower prices to top-notch insurance, a coveted license, or the guarantee of a job well done. Your USP is whatever gives you a competitive edge and can help you drive customer acquisition in the moving industry. 

If you can’t pinpoint what service your company best stands out for, you can check with competitors to get an idea for your USP. Show certifications, accreditations, and affiliations. The point is to double down on whatever you have that others don’t have during your moving company marketing so that existing and potential customers can associate your business with the concept.

And don’t just make claims; support them with verifiable evidence. This is where picture and video proofs come to play, as it helps you build trust with your target audience. A competitive pricing USP can be shown by comparing against popular brands to infer that your company delivers on its promises despite the price difference. 

Your website is the first point of contact between the business and your intended customer. Your user interface has to be engaging, friendly, and concise enough to pique your audience’s interest and encourage exploration.

As a company offering physical services, offer lots of picture and video evidence to show that you deliver on jobs, creating trust and rapport with your users. However, besides physical appeal, your website should highlight details like getting a quote, company contact information, and project portfolio.

As a business owner in the moving industry, you’d know that moving seasons vary, with some periods of the year having higher demands than others. Your ability to predict and take advantage of trends can benefit your moving marketing campaign. This way, you know when to target customers, can intensify your marketing efforts during the on-season, and identify areas with a high concentration of jobs possibility.

Knowing how to read the market is a sure way to increase your ROI on marketing, as you’d spend much less than you’d have done with an unfocused marketing campaign.

Your moving company marketing process won’t be complete without you engaging in social media marketing. Social media platforms are great channels for improving your online presence, follower base, and customer engagement. However, social media marketing involves more than creating a social media presence alone. 

You need to be consistent with your posts (be helpful and showcase completed projects), customer interaction, and building connections with beneficial affiliations. When used right, social media marketing will drive your business growth as a core part of the digital marketing campaign.

Check through our article here on social media marketing best practices for home service providers.

According to a study by Visual Objects, over 65% of internet users prefer to hire service professionals with an online presence. Since online directories are the present-day equivalent of the yellow pages, review sites, and business directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Houzz, Trulia, etc., are popular spots by which clients can verify the authenticity of a home service contractor.

Getting listed on these directories improves your visibility and helps your brand build consumer trust in the market. And while getting listed on popular directories is an excellent idea, you should also be present on industry-specific sites like Directory Journal, Moving.com, Movers Junction, Movers Directory, Moving.business, etc.

Content marketing is always a vital aspect of any marketing campaign. It’s an excellent means of driving business growth since the principal aim is to create recognition and awareness to keep your brand on the customer’s mind.

Branding is a whole different concept, and if you’re interested in growing your moving company brand, you can read more about how to make your brand into a formidable business here.

A well-optimized blog post with unique and informative content would rank high on search engine rankings and, in turn, boost organic traffic to your business. However, content creation shouldn’t be limited to helpful blogs (text) alone; you can also make How-to DIY videos. A great topic idea is showing how to appropriately use bubble wrap for fragile and delicate belongings to avoid breakage during moving.

Monitoring your reputation is all about keeping up with and getting in front of negative reviews before they can damage your business. Even if this has to transcend the regular website replies and involve you making phone calls to the concerned parties or hiring an online reputation management service.

Since the average person checks online before committing to a service, a bad review or poor rating could turn your potential customers away. And according to this study by G2 that shows the importance of online reviews, customer reviews significantly impact purchasing behavior, with a 90% higher likelihood of conversion and a 31% increase in spending when positive reviews are present.

The paid aspect of your moving company marketing is your advertising campaign. Advertising platforms are excellent means of sourcing prospects and potential customers than organic traffic would typically incur. And this helps you have a more robust digital presence as your business now has a wider audience reach.

While traditional advertising can work for home service providers like moving companies, getting a fair market share of the moving industry requires you to engage in digital advertising. The go-to digital ad channels are Bing and Google Ads for search engines, influencer marketing and ad placements for social media, and direct ads or ad retargeting for third-party websites.

mailing list for moving company lead generation

Another one of the significant challenges moving company marketing faces is getting content out in front of the appropriate audience. However, the relevant audience in this instance isn’t just a demography or an ideal customer profile but actual leads waiting to be converted.

Combining email marketing with direct mailing is a very effective digital marketing strategy that yields results faster than using just one approach. While direct mailing lists provide you with ready-made leads and increase your chances of getting a hire, marketing email campaigns have the potential to establish customer loyalty by guiding prospective clients to become paying customers and promoting repeat business with current customers. 

Partnerships are an essential part of business, especially when you’re running a marketing campaign to acquire prospects, leads, and eventual customers. Home builders and real estate agents can be two productive partnerships you should leverage to connect with more clients.

Property managers from real estate companies can point you in the right direction of prospective customers, owners looking to relocate, and requiring the services of a professional moving company.

KG marketing strategy for moving companies

While the discussed tips are all fantastic ways to grow your business for active leads and prospects, you don’t have to go through the stress of just learning how to market a moving company. Digital marketing agencies run several tasks, from blog content creation to website maintenance, company advertising, social media marketing, etc. Safe to say marketing agencies are there to shoulder the brunt of your marketing weight.

Klutch Growth is a customer-centered business that understands the challenges of home service companies regarding marketing, which is why we strive to achieve perfection for every client project. Is it building a well-designed website for optimized conversion? Or running Google Ads for broader reach with a more specific target audience? We’ve got you covered.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; hear what Patricia Moisache (Administrative assistant at LCD) had to say,

“Klutch Growth did an amazing job on my website. Their customer service and development skills are like no other. They took the time to guide me through the process and beyond. They are now managing my PPC campaigns, and I am seeing my traffic and leads grow. I will continue to work with them, and I highly recommend them.” 

Book a Calendly call with our expert team today, and let’s talk productive marketing for your moving business. 🤗


Yes, SEO is vital to your moving company marketing campaign. With helpful, relevant content and appropriate SEO practices, your business will rank high on search engine results pages, leading to more impressions, clicks, leads, and conversions.

No, you don’t have to combine email marketing with direct mailing for your moving business. However, leveraging both platforms positions you for better contact with moving prospects and leads while also nurturing them into becoming paying customers.

Yes, you can advertise your moving company for free. While major ad channels require you to spend money, some other channels, like Craigslist, Yelp, Google My Business, Locanto, Oodle, etc., are free. Advertising your business is also a continuous process; the wider your company reaches, the better it becomes known. However, paid ads are more effective because of their targeting abilities.


As tedious as running a home service marketing campaign can be, the Returns on Investment are what makes it worthwhile. As a moving company business, you need to know your audience, know the market, and ensure your brand’s reach is as expansive as possible. If diligently followed, the hacks listed in this article are enough of a marketing strategy to drive lead gen.

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