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Why do you need contractor website services?

The home service industry is a competitive space, with different brands competing for the attention of homeowners in targeted locations. So how can you make your brand stand out?

With Klutch Growth’s contractor website services, you get a wealth of experience in website creation, plus our understanding of customers in the home service industry. As a result, we create engaging websites that tell compelling brand stories.

user friendly contractor website services

Outlining a user-friendly experience is vital

Creating an online experience to which potential customers can relate significantly reduces the bounce rate for contractor websites. Our web design & development services are built on understanding customer needs. We use this knowledge to create a visual narrative that turns website visitors into qualified leads.

responsive web design contractor website services

Great user experience starts with a responsive web design

Creating a great user experience for potential clients requires a deliberate design process. Your website pages need short load time, top-notch readability, and actionable CTAs. However, website responsiveness doesn’t end at quick loading times; it also entails an intuitive design and a visual story that builds trust and engages web visitors. Getting your home services web design right is the first step toward customer satisfaction.

customization contractor website services

The value of custom websites on home service business marketing

A unique website showcasing your brand isn’t only necessary for search engine optimization. A custom design also shows the originality of a contracting business to potential customers. In addition, displaying high-quality pictures of past projects alongside customer reviews immensely builds trust with your leads online. Other essential factors include functional security plugins like SSL, using a professional landing page when driving traffic to your website, and proper search engine architecture to take leads down your marketing funnel.

The Klutch Growth approach to creating unique websites for home service contractors

Klutch Growth is a local website design company that provides web agency services for home service businesses. We recognize the importance of web design as the foundation for an engaging website experience. We also prioritize communication and feedback with our clients because we want your website to tell your brand story in the best way possible.

Here’s the simple 4-step process to work with us.

understanding home services business

#1 - We take time to understand our clients

Allowing home service business owners to explain their company’s background and business goals will enable us to envisage the type of brand represented on a website. The home construction business features a wide range of businesses with different expertise and varying importance to homeowners. To get the competitive edge, we ensure that each contractor business communicates its significant strengths in its brand messaging. Only a proper understanding of the home service business and the direct market they serve can make a relatable brand positioning possible.

mockup for home services websites

#2 - The initial mockup brings your ideas to life

After the discovery call, our graphic designers go to the drawing board and create an initial mockup of what your website would look like. The mockup stage is integral to our custom web design services because it allows us to explain the design approach to clients and get real-time feedback. In addition, you get to fill any potential gaps in the website design before we go into development.

experienced home improvement website design

#3 - Our team is experienced in building home improvement websites

Our web development team is experienced in building websites for contracting businesses. As we strive to develop every detail of the chosen web design, we also pay attention to responsiveness and other technical details for search engines. In addition, our expert web developers often recommend adding a contact form on your website’s main page as the foundational piece of your online marketing efforts.

feedback for home contractor website development

#4 - Your feedback and reviews are vital to us

We want to build home service company websites that align with the business goals. You get up to three revisions with our team of experts. In addition, you can check for a user-friendly experience, quick loading times, page layout, and more. Clear communication is the heart of our digital marketing services; we exemplify this through our web design & development processes.

What others have to say about us

Klutch Growth is an exceptional business that continues to astound me with the work produced. Working in all sectors of North America they pay attention to the aesthetics and wants of their clients. I would always recommend them to anyone I know looking to revamp their digital presence.

Yves Bastien

I have worked with many developers over the years and the common denominator seems to be most over promise and under deliver. To say I'm please with the work Yannick delivered and his overall professionalism would be an understatement. Klutch will be my go to source for all projects going forward! Thanks again!

Ricky Neal

Yannick is super knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your website. Super flexible (because we can be all over the place) and SUPER patient. Love working with him and plan to continue using him for other projects.

Jennifer P

Klutch Growth (Yannick Moise) has provided an excellent service by setting up our web-shop and the maintenance it required. Klutch Growth has always been fast in responding time and they have always understood our needs. I can definitely recommend Klutch Growth.

Lotte Gjerding

Klutch Growth did an amazing job on my website. Their customer service and development skills are like no other. They took the time to guide me through the process and beyond. They are now managing my ppc campaigns and I am seeing my traffic and leads grow. I will continue to work with them and I highly recommend them.

Patricia Moisache

I was extremely impressed by the work that Klutch Growth did on my website. They were professional, easy to work with, responsive, informative, and asked enough questions to get a feel for what I wanted. If there was anything I asked them to change, they didn't hesitate or get upset, they changed it right away. They provided me with multiple drafts of my website before giving me the final product and walked me through everything that was updated. My new website looks professional and clean and my clients are able to find exactly what they're looking for when they visit.

Brianna T

Was very impressed with the website Klutch Growth made for our company! Everything was done on a timely manner, great customer service. Definitely recommend for anyone out there looking to take the next step in their business!! :)


Absolutely amazing work! Punctual, attentive, and really brought my idea to life!

Alan Ojeda

I’ve worked with quite a few web companies and klutch growth has provided the best customer service I have ever experienced. I bumped into them at a conference and I’m very happy I did.

Stephen Fox

Fabulous site design team. Professional, prompt, and increased my site traffic significantly. Enticed to create another website with this firm.

George West-Perry

Yannick and his team are great, I recommend him and his team to every business owner I know. Try them out today. You will not be disappointed!

Nicolo Caradonna

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