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SEO for flooring companies: How to rank higher and drive organic traffic

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: November 14, 2023 | Home services marketing

SEO for flooring companies

Imagine this: someone in need of flooring services sits down at their computer or pulls out their phone and does a quick search on Google or Bing. The question is, will your flooring business be among the ones that pop up? Will it be among the first ten on search engine result pages?

In this digital age, being found on search engines is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One of the ways to make your flooring company searchable is by incorporating SEO campaigns into your overall digital marketing strategies. 

Whether you are new to SEO or looking to maximize your SEO efforts, following the expert tips in this piece sets your business on a path of success where your flooring installation services are visible online and in front of potential customers seeking flooring installers for their home improvement projects.

Our best practices for effective SEO for flooring companies

With more people depending on search engines like Google and Bing to find home service businesses. What better way to put your flooring installation services online? The simple answer is setting and implementing comprehensive search engine optimization campaigns. 

That’s why I’ll highlight the best practices you can incorporate into your flooring company’s SEO strategy for improved business growth. Following these ideas will generate quality SEO leads, beat the competition, and sport an impressive ROI on your home service marketing campaign.

Start by making a list of general keywords in the flooring industry, such as “flooring contractors,” “flooring installation,” and “floor installer services.” Then, think of specific search terms potential customers might include with the general keywords. 

For “flooring installation,” you could have phrases like “laminate flooring installation” or “flooring installation cost.” If determining search intent is challenging, you can simply type in the keywords on search engines and use the related search results. 

Also, leverage keyword research tools like Keyword Everywhere, SEMrush, or Moz Keyword Explorer to discover more keywords tailored to specific flooring services, such as carpet installation or cork installation. These tools provide specific key terms and insights into search volume, competition, and related keywords. 

For optimal targeting, prioritize keywords with higher search volume, have low competition, and focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords such as “hardwood flooring installation in California” or “affordable vinyl floor installation for kitchens”  have strong user intent and better conversion rates than short-tail ones.

Additionally, use Google Search Console to monitor your website’s performance, identify the keywords you rank for, and make necessary adjustments to maximize your SEO plan.

Over time, search engine algorithms for ranking websites have consistently changed. However, one thing has remained constant – content. Your SEO and content marketing strategy should go hand in hand, as people use specific keywords or phrases to find information about flooring companies. 

Creating quality content, whether in blog posts, videos, or infographics, that offers solutions to these search queries will boost your pages higher in search engine rankings. In addition to producing original and informative content for your target audience, here are other ways you can improve your search engine rankings with content writing:

To optimize your website with flooring keywords for higher SEO performance, here are some actionable tips:

You should use your keywords in your blog content. A good practice is to include the main keyword within the first 100-150 words. In a bid to optimize your content, be mindful not to overstuff it with keywords, as that’s a negative signal to search engines. 

Use header tags (H1, H2, H3, …) to structure your web content so your users and search engines can easily navigate and understand the context. The H1, usually the main heading, should include the main keyword. The H2 and H3 tags could consist of the primary or secondary keywords. 

Your title tag is the page title and should be related to the content. It’s recommended that a good title should be 50 – 60 characters and must contain the main keyword. A pro tip is to include the keyword at the beginning of the title.

The meta description is a preview text of your content on a search engine. Ensure it’s compelling enough to encourage users to click on your page. 

To get the most out of your meta description, use persuasive words like ‘discover’ or ‘learn,’ include your main keyword, and keep it concise, possibly between 150 – 160 characters, so it doesn’t get cut off the search engine result page.

Your URLs should be short and include the main keyword with hyphens between the words. URLs with relevant keywords instead of long string numbers or symbols are SEO-friendly as they help search engines better understand your content.

flooring company SEO image optimization

Adding images of your floor installations can make your flooring website visually appealing, but don’t stop at that. Help search engines understand your website’s rich media and their relevance by providing descriptive alt text for each image. 

That way, your website images are more likely to be featured in rich snippets or visual search results, boosting your content visibility and click-through rates. 

For optimal image optimization, your alt text should include the keywords you want to rank for so that search engines can better comprehend the content and context of your images. 


SEO for flooring companies - pillar-cluster model

Making your flooring website easy for search engines to understand is crucial. You can do this by setting up your website’s structure in a way that helps search engines find and prioritize your most important content. 

One way to organize your content is to use a pillar-cluster model. For example, for a flooring company, your pillar page content can be your target keyword, like “flooring installation,” and your cluster topics can be related subtopics like “how to install epoxy flooring” or “DIY tips on cork flooring installation”. 

Strategically linking relevant pages within your website creates a clear pathway for users and search engine crawlers to navigate your content.

When you put links inside your content, use descriptive words as the anchor text. Instead of generic phrases, use words that give an idea of what is on the linked page. This helps your target audience and search engines understand the connection between the content and the linked page. 

Also, a good practice is to use different anchor text for similar pages, as using the same text can confuse search engines. In addition, fix your broken links, as such links will send visitors and search engines to pages that do not exist, and that’s not a good signal for your search visibility.

As a flooring contractor, a great idea for enhancing your SEO for home services marketing is to optimize your content, meta descriptions, URLs, and headings with keywords tailored to your service area and nearby neighborhoods. Incorporating location-specific keywords in your website content boosts your chances of ranking higher in search results for prospect queries within your target area.  

If you have your Google My Business profile and are listed on other online directories, ensure that your business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) are correct on these platforms. By doing so, you help search engines verify and validate your flooring business’s legitimacy and credibility. 

Furthermore, consistent NAPs and location-based keywords improve your chances of appearing in local search results and enhance your overall SEO.

You can write valuable content that resonates with your target audience and get them published on authoritative websites in the home improvement industry. Guest blogging may be an off-page SEO strategy, but it is still a good idea for enhancing your flooring SEO. 

When you guest post on reputable websites, you earn high-quality backlinks for your blog content. These links are like votes of confidence that signal to search engines that you are an expert in the flooring industry—ultimately leading to a boost in your website’s domain authority and a significant impact on your search rankings.

Additionally, when potential clients see your content on reputable websites, it builds their credibility and trust. As a result, visitors will spend a longer time on your web pages, leading to higher click-through rates and lower bounce rates, all of which are signals that search engines value when ranking blog posts.


It can take 3 to 6 months for your flooring company SEO strategy to materialize and get noticeable results. Whether your SEO efforts can yield results faster depends on factors such as your flooring website’s age and domain authority, the targeted keyword’s difficulty, your on-page optimization, and content relevance to your target audience. 

While DIY SEO is possible, it may not yield the expected results without proper knowledge and resources. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a professional flooring SEO agency. You can benefit from their experience and industry-specific strategies to improve your website’s online visibility rankings and generate more organic leads and conversions. 

You know your search engine optimization campaigns are effective when your visitors stay longer on your website and your content has higher rankings on search engines. Your conversion rates are increasing in the process. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to monitor metrics like organic search results, bounce rates, conversion rates, and keyword rankings to gain insights into your SEO performance.


With the right SEO strategy on board, your flooring business becomes easy to find on search engines. As your website gains more traffic, your other digital marketing strategies get stronger and more effective, bringing you closer to achieving your marketing goals. Adopting the tips discussed in this piece lays a solid foundation for improved online visibility for your flooring website, driving organic leads and, ultimately, more business bottom line.

And if you’d like to hire an SEO agency, look no further than Klutch Growth. Our team of SEO experts will handle all aspects of your local, technical, and off-page SEO strategies. Book a call with us today, and let’s chat about how we can help you grow your flooring business and generate more qualified leads.

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