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Get More Customers for your Home Services Business with Google Ads for Contractors

We run Google Ads for Home Services businesses to generate quality leads, boost revenue, and 10x your ROI.

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Why We Recommend Google Ads for Contractors

We understand your struggle to get new leads consistently.
We see how much contractors spend on marketing and advertising without much result.
We understand how the contractor industry works, and we want to help.

We understand that customers are the lifeblood of your home contractor business, and that’s precisely why we recommend Google Ads for your home service advertising.

Whether you’re a General contractor, HVAC company, Plumber, Roofer, Disaster restoration company, Electrician, Mason, Painter, or any other home service, we understand your need for quality customers to generate more revenue.

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Targeted Audience

As a home service provider, your business is best marketed to people with a home project. You can harness the power of search intent by targeting a very specific audience. According to this BrightLocal survey, 93% of customers used an online search to find a local business. With Google Ads, you show up in front of potential customers who are ready to hire your services.

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Location Targeting

With one-third of mobile searches being location-specific, you can get customers exactly in your zip code with the right Google Ads campaign, targeting keywords like “Electronic restorers in Austin, Texas.”

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Customized Marketing

The more customized a digital marketing strategy is, the better its conversion rate. Using Google Ads allows you to define your daily budget and ad schedule, target specific audience groups, and charge you on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

Our 7-step Google Ads Strategy helping Home Service Businesses drive more Sales.

We offer a comprehensive Google Ads management service tailored for contractors running home service businesses.

Now, we will help you understand how the whole process works.

1. Market Analysis

Our approach to Google Ads is data-driven. We don’t rush to place our contractor ads; first, we seek to understand your business’s unique value proposition, do some competitor research, pinpoint your target audience, then deliver an effective strategy for your qualified leads generation.

2. Keyword Research

Each search campaign performs based on the strength of the keywords chosen. We dig deep to find relevant and viable keywords that fetch a high ad quality score using Google keyword planner.

3. Landing Page Optimization

The next step to improving your Google quality score is to optimize its landing page relevancy with the appropriate content and design. We provide our home service contractors insight into the landing page messaging to improve their ad campaign’s conversion rate.

4. Ad Campaign Setup

We evaluate each business’ marketing needs and compare them to their ad budget; this helps us set custom bids for each ad placed. Then, using the data from our market analysis, we choose keywords with the appropriate cost-per-click (CPC) to optimize the ad spend.

5. Engaging Ad Copies

One essential part of generating quality traffic for home service advertisement is writing custom ad copies that speak to the audience and highlights your business as a solution. Engaging ad copies generate more clicks and have higher click-through rate (CTR).
Also, because we’re marketing service providers when advertising for contractors, we use Google Ads search network campaigns, which utilize written ad copies better than display ads campaigns.

6. A/B Testing

You can combine multiple ad copies with different landing pages and keywords within an ad group. A/B testing allows you to choose the best ads and use the data to optimize your Google advertising for a better return on ad spend (ROAS).

7. Monitor the Metrics

To make each Google Ads campaign performance as cost-effective as possible, we constantly monitor the key performance metrics, like the number of clicks, CTR, and conversion rate, up to the overall ROI. Whatever the reports say, we always look for ways to optimize your ads.

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What Can You Expect from Google Ads as a Home Service Contractor?

Every contractor business needs specific marketing goals. Here is how Google Ads can match your expectations.

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Measurable Results

You can measure the KPIs that matter to your business from the Google Ads manager. We help contractors track ad campaign results and interpret the data regarding your business’s bottom lines. You will then be able to see how each metric affects your sales and revenue.

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Accelerated Growth

Google Ads is a fast and immediate growth tool for home service businesses. When the ads are well executed, you can go from lead generation to qualified sales within a few clicks.


Increased ROI

The best Google Ads for contractors have ROI between 10x and 50x. It all boils down to ad optimization, audience targeting, and remarketing campaigns, among other PPC strategies.

What Makes Klutch Growth’s Google Ads for Contractors Service Different?


Our core strength lies in our ability to relate to your business issues. We understand how the contractor market works. Our ads specialists have worked with home service companies from all spheres; General contractors, HVAC companies, Plumbers, Roofers, Disaster restoration companies, Electricians, Masons, Painters, etc.

We know how tedious it can be trying to generate qualified leads. But we have studied your potential customers for years, know what they want, and can show you how to find them.


We are a team of experts with combined years of experience running Google Ads for contractors. We know what makes businesses waste ad budgets with no results and what it takes to deliver effective ads with excellent ad quality scores.

Clear Expectations

We won’t promise you the world and deliver only a fraction of your imagination. Instead, we help you set custom Google ad campaign goals for your business, monitor the metrics, run A/B tests, optimize for better performance, and deliver increased ROI.

Effective Communication

We know that the end goal of your marketing efforts is to get more customers and generate more revenue. So, we see the value of every dollar spent on ads. That’s why we would carry you along, as much as you want to be involved, with scheduled performance updates, reports, and results on all marketing campaigns.


The heart and brain behind every business are the people in charge. Therefore, we prioritize talking to our clients: contractors and home service providers. First, we ensure to understand your business needs before having our paid search experts bring a solution that matches your needs.

Here is What Business Owners Like You Have to Say About Our Google Ads Campaign Strategy

Very happy I decided to work with Klutch Growth. They walked me through what we should focus on first to start generating new hvac business. We’ve been doing google ads to generate new leads and we’re really happy with the results.

Alexander Hassoulas

Working with Klutch Growth has been an amazing experience. They provided us with Google Ads management services and have helped exponentially grow the amount of leads that are coming in. Highly recommended!


Great customer service, they really do know what they're doing when it comes to Google Ads. They consistently got me great leads for my business. High-quality service, definitely recommend.

Jéssica WM

Klutch Growth did an amazing job on my website. Their customer service and development skills are like no other. They took the time to guide me through the process and beyond. They are now managing my ppc campaigns and I am seeing my traffic and leads grow. I will continue to work with them and I highly recommend them.

Patricia Moisache

Yannick and his team are great, I recommend him and his team to every business owner I know. Try them out today. You will not be disappointed!

Nicolo Caradonna

Absolutely amazing work! Punctual, attentive, and really brought my idea to life!

Alan Ojeda

I’ve worked with quite a few web companies and klutch growth has provided the best customer service I have ever experienced. I bumped into them at a conference and I’m very happy I did.

Stephen Fox

Klutch Growth is an exceptional business that continues to astound me with the work produced. Working in all sectors of North America they pay attention to the aesthetics and wants of their clients. I would always recommend them to anyone I know looking to revamp their digital presence.

Yves Bastien

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