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Top Home Services Social Media Marketing Tips in 2023

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: June 3, 2023 | Home services marketing

home services social media marketing

According to DataReportal, more than half of the world’s population is on social media, and the average time spent on social platforms per person per day is over two hours. And these numbers grow every quarter. 

In simple terms, this means that more than half of the people who need a home improvement service are on social media. Considering this pool of potential leads, engaging in social media marketing is a no-brainer.

Like every other digital marketing strategy, social media marketing has its dos, don’ts, and a lot of hidden nuances. Hence, pulling off effective home services social media marketing with positive ROI requires a working knowledge of trends and peculiarities of social media marketing for home service verticals. 

And that’s about that with the preambles; let’s dig into the crux of this discussion.

Our best home services social media marketing ideas

Home services companies can use any social platform for marketing, but only when the right formats are used on the right channels would you drive engagement and conversions.

With Facebook, you can build a community of followers for your business page, who are more likely to engage with your content. But on Twitter, the average engagement for brands isn’t as high, instead, Twitter excels at driving referrals for your business. This is because Twitter users want their content to come from them and not from the brand page.

TikTok and Instagram (especially Reels) thrive more on visual appeal. Hence, short videos of you “getting your hands dirty” would do wonders for your customer acquisition and lead generation.

On the other hand, YouTube is best used for educating your clients on your processes, your commitments, and what to expect from your brand. Likewise, using LinkedIn would solidify your home service brand as a professional entity, while showcasing the humans behind the official curtain.

Other two platforms that we also recommend for home improvement brands are Pinterest and Reddit. These two are the “review-based” social media platforms. So, if your business can get loyalists to positively reinforce your brand on these platforms, you would most likely see a spike in your service demands.

So, now that you have an overview of what you can achieve with these popular social media platforms we’ve mentioned, here are some best practices that have helped our client home improvement companies run successful social media marketing campaigns:

The first step is to choose your platforms. Yes, you can use multiple social media platforms to promote your business. However, here is why you should consider some of the platforms over others.

According to this survey by GlobalWebIndex, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter have more users searching for products, services, and brands than TikTok and Snapchat, even though the latter two have more monthly active users (MAU) than all but Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has the widest reach of these six platforms, with an estimated 2.9 billion monthly active users reachable through ads. Instagram also boasts 2 billion monthly active users, making the Meta duo two of the most effective home services social media marketing platforms. Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter, have a combined MAU of 1.4 billion, although these four see higher traffic of people browsing for products and brands.

Choosing a channel to run your home service business ads differs from picking one for brand awareness. For instance, Youtube, with an MAU of 2.5 billion, is more effective for content management and brand awareness than for running ad campaigns. While you can pick multiple social media platforms for brand awareness, you should only target social channels with a high “buyer intent” for ad campaigns.

Despite the data suggesting high service inquiries, you shouldn’t limit your social media branding to Facebook, or Twitter alone, when TikTok is all the rave now. Its influence on Gen Z is unprecedented, with 40 percent affirming that they are influenced by products and services they see on the platform. While the average user (aged between 10 and 19) may not be your target audience, you can’t underestimate their influence on their guardians.

As a home service business owner, you must adopt effective post strategies. Each post should satisfy three criteria. It should help with brand awareness, serve customers’ needs, and drive action.

Every post from your home improvement company should emphasize the brand. Content made for social media can reach every part of the web, and you want people to know who made it. Write-ups, home appliance reviews, work-in-progress pictures, and videos should have your logo or mention your brand. Get across timelines by adding trending words or hashtags to your posts. Your brand’s social media posts reaching new users is a proven tactic for lead generation.

How does your content speak to a potential customer or customer? While it’s true that not everyone can relate to every piece of content yet, directing your social media posts at a specific audience group would increase the conversion rate for customers in that category. You can achieve this by offering tips, hacks, product reviews, and occasional congratulatory messages to your clients. Helping your current clients overcome minor challenges through social media posts can make them return for more alongside their referrals.

The follow-up to building awareness and serving customer needs is to drive action that can increase your leads. You should always attach a CTA to your posts, as it is a key step to the home improvement services marketing strategy. Encourage readers and viewers to engage with your content. Ask for their contacts, allow them to ask questions, and make suggestions. Don’t forget the aim is to nurture leads into customers.

To keep up with the requirements of a quality post, you should consider creating a content calendar. Content calendars help pace your posts, so you don’t waste ideas. Come up with topic clusters you can discuss for a month, three months, or even a year. Of course, your social media posts will have occasional interjections, but having a plan is worthwhile.

People have preferences in social media platforms due to the platform’s interface and characteristics. As a home service contractor, posting relevant content easily associated with each platform is better. You can post your project pictures and videos on Instagram, quick home service tips on Twitter, your thoughts on the latest appliance on Facebook, and other work-related posts on Linkedin. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, make inquiries from fellow users on how to improve your brand exposure.

promo and offer sample for home contractor websites

Nothing attracts people more than freebies. Giveaways have been used times and over to grow accounts, and this is an online marketing strategy your home improvement service company can adopt. Promotional offers, free consultations, gift cards, et cetera, can be used to generate leads. You can use social media contests to gain leads, and while they may not be SQLs, they can help spread your company’s gospel.

The social media ads advantage

Social media ads are a good and effective alternative to search ads, although you should combine both if the resource is available. Only about six percent of internet users do not use social media, meaning social media can be as powerful an advertising tool as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Ad campaigns on social media are only second to search ads in terms of the total number of users per platform. Unlike search ads where all users are concentrated on Google’s search engine, social media users are spread across different platforms.

Social media as a feedback platform

In addition to running ads on social media, having a social media presence can help complement your company’s website. Two important ways social media presence can help your home service company are through feedback and content management.

The urgency associated with social media instant messaging has made it a go-to for people needing information as regards a service. Many potential home service leads don’t care for searching through their contact list or yellow pages anymore; instead, they search out companies on social media platforms and book services online.

Contact through social media is not only formal but also gets the job done faster. You can leverage this as a home service contractor to improve customer relations and provide proper customer service.

In addition to feedback, your page can be a platform for online reviews. Having an online presence often leaves a track record for other internet users to follow. Prospective customers want to know what people say about your home contractor service, and your page is a good place to search for it. Positive reviews often convert service-qualified leads (SQLs) into customers.

Social media for content management

It is now a norm for companies to have a social media page for putting out content. Relatable content keeps your customers and potential clients engaged, keeping your business top-of-mind and increasing brand awareness

Useful information, tips, project videos, and images are all forms of content home services companies can post on their social media page. For instance, home improvement businesses can commemorate holidays with specific demographics to show them that they matter. It’s all part of the social media modus operandi.

Additionally, social media pages often appear for organic searches of companies on search engines if the page has good search engine optimization (SEO).

Speaking of SEO, when you properly optimize your home service business social media accounts, you can also contribute to your brand’s trustworthiness on search engines. This is because social media profiles are used to cross-reference the NAP (name, address, phone number) of businesses on online directories like Google My Business.

Then, there’s also the advantage of using your social media pages to build your website’s off-page SEO. When links from your domain are shared on social media, it doesn’t exactly count as referring domains like a normal website would. But regardless, social media clicks on your links contributes to improving your overall domain authority. So, as you draw up your home services social media marketing plan, it’s important to include frequently encouraging social media followers to visit pages from your website.


Facebook and Instagram have the widest reach, having combined monthly active users of 5 billion. On the flip side, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube are better marketing tools for brand awareness.

Videos and pictures statistically get more interactions than written content on social media. However, you have to factor in the peculiarity of the social platform. Digital marketing strategy dictates that you engage with platform users the way they prefer. For instance, short project videos on TikTok, and their longer versions on Youtube. 

You can increase your reach by running social media ads and strategically posting content. For instance, adding trending hashtags makes your brand and content visible in timelines you may not reach ordinarily.


Running home services social media marketing campaigns that truly stand out and position your brand well online, you need to look move beyond the “It’s just content” mindset, and actually come up with a good strategy, as well as, an actualization plan.

Doing a good job with your home services social media marketing starts with feeding your brand’s social handles with quality content delivered in the best-thriving format. But the evergreen mantra remains “utilize multiple social media channels and multiple formats on each channel.” The more content, the better your chance of performing well. But you must also learn to iterate your social media content for better performance. And this especially applies when you do spend on social media ads for your home contractor business.

In all, for the best results, we recommend speaking with home service marketing experts for the best advice that applies specifically to your brand and home service verticals.

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