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Home Builder Marketing: Best Practices for Leads Acquisition

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: June 3, 2023 | Home services marketing

home builder marketing

The primary goal of marketing for home builders (the same goes for any other home service vertical) is to boost sales and drive overall company growth. And as it stands, digital marketing is the leading way to get prospective clients acquainted with your company and ensure your home service business gets its market share in a competitive home construction industry.

To help you up your home builder marketing strategy game, I’ll highlight some of the best practices I recommend to improve your lead acquisition significantly.

Tips to help you engage in a productive home builder marketing campaign

As a business owner, increasing your online presence is the most effective way to market your company. However, increasing your brand visibility isn’t about wide-scale reach alone; it includes social media engagement, posting helpful content, having an eye-catching website, getting listed on appropriate business directories, etc.

Here are 8 common yet ”oversighted” actionable tips to ensure when effecting your home builder marketing strategy:

Your website is the point of interaction between you, your clients, and your potential customers. As a home service provider, your website design should prioritize show more than tell. This way, you can take your audience on a virtual tour of your previous projects through captivating photos and video content. 

And besides the aesthetic part, your website should display a current list of home listings, with comprehensive details regarding available homes for sale where you can offer your home builder services while being fully optimized for easy contact, smooth navigation, and compatibility with all device types (mobile/computer).

While content and SEO aren’t precisely the same, they go hand in hand regarding content marketing. An excellent idea for good content is articles that offer solutions to common problems or DIY videos that put the power in your customer’s hands. And even though search engine optimization might make your website rank well, what keeps your audience and turns them into paying customers is helpful and compelling content.

In addition, always remember to leverage your brand story to create an emotional connection between the company and the user; when the audience feels they belong to something more, the company has started selling itself.

Developing a compelling brand story starts from understanding that your business is out to solve customer problems. Hence, you need to look at what home owners desire the most when they come looking for brands like yours. Then, you need to position your business as a reliable tool for them to use and create their desired experience. In essence, you’re selling the feeling of a “cozy home where love and warmth is welcome,” and not a service of “laying bricks till a house is built.”

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Reviews and testimonials are crucial for home service contractors, especially when running a marketing campaign for a home builder. Your potential customers get an idea of what your services are like and how satisfied customers react. It serves as an affirmation of how spectacular your services are. 

However, it’s vital to know that your work quality determines the types of feedback you’ll get, as a poorly done job will definitely not lead to a happy customer. And when you do a great job, be sure to encourage your satisfied clients to leave a review for your business on social media, or on business listing platforms like Google My Business, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and so on. Then, you can go on to use these fine reviews as social proof of what you can deliver in new content on your website and social media.

The primary function of social media in a marketing plan for home builders is driving customer engagement. Social media marketing for home builders should focus on growing your follower base and relationship with customers while connecting with businesses in the construction industry for improved lead acquisition.

In addition, ensure your audience gets to see the projects you take on. e.g., uploading your photo gallery on Instagram reels, sharing customer testimonials as posts, etc.

Marketing emails can build customer loyalty by nurturing prospective clients into paying customers while encouraging repeat contracts with existing customers. And since your email marketing campaign should cover first-time buyers and old clients, you need to implement segmentations to ensure your emails aren’t general but targeted at specific stages of each buyer’s journey.

An excellent idea that can come in handy to fast-track the email delivery process is to leverage automation. Have a system that automatically sends out mail content to recipients while you only have to craft the copy. Piece of advice, your mail content shouldn’t be too sales-centered, as this can lead to customer disinterest and churn.

Your call to action can be seen as the deal-clincher for all your marketing content and copies. Your CTA precedes that “aha” moment when your audience clicks on something that turns them into a lead or paying customer. The more personal, the better, since studies have shown that personalized CTAs are up to 202% more effective for a lead acquisition than generic CTAs.

Besides being personal, when deploying your call to action, ensure the button designation comes at an opportune moment when your audience is most likely considering your service. This involves knowing your audience’s needs and tailoring your CTA to match, e.g., displaying the “get a free quote” icon after a content block detailing the benefits of work quotes and how it can help you prepare financially for the project.

Getting your home builder service out on real estate marketplaces like Zillow, Neighborhood Housing Services, Realtor.com, etc., gets your business out in front of more potential home buyers. And with these sites being hot spots for real estate, there are bound to be some custom home-building clients that’ll require the services of a home builder like yourself for house fixing and renovations.

Another advantage of this marketing plan for home builders is that you connect with real estate agents who can link you up with homeowners requiring your type of services.

The paid aspect of home builder marketing is everything that has to do with advertising the business. This includes social media ads and influencer marketing for social media, PPC ads like Google Ads for search engines, native advertising, display ads, etc.

Paid marketing is a very effective strategy for home builders as the ads are specially tailored to engage your target audience, turn them into qualified leads, and then into paying customers.

Home builder marketing agencies

Home builder marketing agencies (like Klutch Growth) are there to ease the burden of running and maintaining an intensive marketing campaign off the shoulders of the business owner. They can handle the necessary parts of your marketing plan, like email marketing campaigns, copywriting, Google Ads, website design, social media growth, etc.

Being professionals, these agencies have vast experience in the building industry. They can work within your marketing budget to deliver superb results that’ll bring an overall push in sales and company growth.


Yes, home builder marketing is the same as home builder branding. Both strategies and campaigns aim to increase the company’s recognition while driving overall sales and growth.

Display ads are a suitable paid digital marketing strategy for home builders as it helps increase brand recognition and reach. While search advertising encourages clicks, display ads create awareness.

Your website design is the most vital part of your marketing campaign as a home builder since this is where your audience gets to meet the business. And it’s this first interaction with your web content that will determine whether the user graduates to become a lead or churns.


What you need to focus on while running your home service marketing campaign is how well you push your brand’s visibility through content marketing and social media marketing. You also need to optimize your builder website for leads conversion, and get your business listed in the appropriate quarters through advertising and online directories.

In conclusion, your marketing campaign is only as good as the service you’re trying to sell. A top-notch service without appropriate marketing would only depend on organic leads through customer referrals and testimonials. In contrast, poor service with excellent marketing will get you many leads, whereas only a few will become loyal customers.

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