As Google ads experts, we can help you realize your campaign’s full potential. We can mark areas of improvements and customize a solution to improve your returns and bottom line.

Why Is Google Ads The Best Tool For Your Business?

Google Ads is an online advertising tool that allows you to target customers based on keywords. Its main attraction is that you only get to pay for clicks. This way, you’re spending your marketing budget on actual sales opportunities.

Each keyword is assigned a value, the cost per click (CPC), based on its competitiveness. The number of clicks your campaign gets is what would determine how much you would pay for the ad campaign. This model employed by Google Ads is why PPC campaigns boast impressive returns on ad spend (ROAS).

At Klutch Growth, we help you connect the dots by putting all the metrics together and run a quality ad campaign that puts your business ahead.

How We Deliver Results Through Google Ads?

Target your exact customers.

Millions of queries go through search engines daily. And you only need to show up where you’re required. We help sort through the various keywords that apply in your field and pick the best choices for your ad campaign while considering the CPC. Using advanced keywords and audience targeting, your campaign is bound to bring in ideal customers.

Monitor the metrics.

Data is the oxygen of any marketing campaign. We don’t take data lightly. We monitor the efforts and results through the various ad metrics on google analytics at every point of the campaign. We are constantly working to optimize the performance of each CPC campaign to ensure the best returns.

Learn, tweak, apply.

Every Google Ads campaign must be bespoke for your business and the defined objectives. We work tirelessly till we have a perfect fit campaign just as you want. The goal is to get the most from every click using the best retargeting practices. Each ad campaign provides data to help steep the learning curve and get the best results.

What Can You Achieve With Google Ads?

Fast Results.

Launching a PPC campaign is fast and can produce results as soon as it’s launched. The most practical approach to this is to run a promo campaign. You can get your business to the top of search results coupled with an irresistible offer, and you’ll start getting results without much hassle. That is the power of Google Ads.

If you run a large brand with good authority on search engines, you can use Google Ads to sell out a limited offer as fast as possible. We can also apply this to small businesses. All you need is a strong offer, and we’ll cover the rest of the variables.

Be Seen, Be Heard

The first hurdle every new business has to cross is getting noticed. When your business is unknown, chances are customers who come across your product or services randomly won’t trust you enough to patronize. The only remedy to this is to show up more. Google Ads to the rescue yet again. While not all customers would click your ads, in the least, they see your name and know what you do - they hear your message. That way, the next time they come across your brand, you’re not all that new. In essence, with PPC campaigns, you can pay less and yet reach more people.

Stay ahead of competition.

Every business online is working to improve its credibility and climb up the SERP ranks. The sure way is to build something solid through SEO, which is a long-term play. While you’re at it, you can boost your credibility and edge the competition through a solid Google Ads campaign.


Keyword Research.

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful Google Ads research. We don’t stay superficial when digging out a perfect fit keyword for your ad campaign. Our team combines keyword research with insights into the market using information about your target audience, offer, and competition. With a wholesome approach like this, you are sure to get a keyword with a CPC that fits your budget range.

Launch Your Ad Campaign.

The crux of a Google Ad campaign is presenting a message that resonates powerfully with the ideal customer. This goes beyond merely fixing keywords into campaigns. We ensure your Ad copy passes a specific message, presented as simply as possible, and with a solid offer to back it up. We also tie up every loose end before launching any campaign; audience demographics, location, positive and negative keyword lists.

Effective Landing Page Design

Having a quality landing page to welcome every click on your Ad ensures that your campaign converts to its best. You don’t want a landing page that would bore, confuse, or annoy visitors. To ensure this, our team designs landing pages specific for each ad campaign. We focus on presenting your offer the best way possible, ensuring every click-through knows precisely what action to take on the landing page.

Selecting The Best Campaign Through A/B Testing

Even after putting all factors in place, we never assume which Ad campaign will serve you best. Instead, we work it out. Using A/B testing, we can pinpoint the exact message and campaign features to deliver your business’s best result. We take the data from numerous test campaigns and piece them together to make every ad spend on your PPC campaign worth it.

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