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6 Moving Company Website Optimization Strategies for Improved Lead Conversions

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: June 10, 2023 | Home services websites

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One of the core aspects of your digital marketing campaign as a moving company is your website setup. A well-designed website makes your lead conversion process easier, as your audience’s first direct interaction with the business is one of the steps that prepare their mind for the concept of becoming a paying customer. However, it’s no secret that setting up your moving company website requires more than an attractive design.

In this piece, I’ll be sharing with you a couple of actionable tips and industry samples you can use as pointers for your web design process. For example, a good moving company website design should detail your project catalog, a quick quote form, a comprehensive estimate form, and other features needed for a virtual survey. 

6 innovative ideas you can implement in your moving company website design

While website designing has its basic rudiments, your home service contractor website must show that what you offer are moving company services. This is why your website needs to be unique and adopt design best practices related to the moving industry,  not just patterned after any good website.

Using a minimalist approach in your design helps keep your audience focused on what you want them to see rather than digesting a thousand details at once. While neutral colors like black and white might fit the minimalist approach, a moving company website should have some splash of color to synthesize energy.

You can use bright colors and playful graphics to create design transitions for whenever a page switch happens (something witty like a man carrying a box out to signify changing destinations on the site). While other excellent ideas for this area include using an attention-grabbing header video or header image to captivate your audience.

Websites with a clean design and a pleasant outlook have no value if your audience is unable to interact with them, as the user experience (UX) is the backbone of your website. Encountering website problems is one of the leading causes of high bounce rates, where users leave almost immediately after entering.

Get insights into areas like site speed, mobile device optimization, confusing navigation, pop-ups, search engine optimization, etc. Fixing these troubles will leave you with a more accommodating website that helps you retain users for longer and better your overall chances of conversion.

As a home service provider, your project catalog builds trust with your audience and shows them that your company delivers on its promise of doing good jobs. Besides the dedicated page for completed works, your homepage and other pages should also display background images that show your moving business at work (E.g., actual photos of your movers in action). The point is to draw the audience’s attention with images, reinforce their mind, and serve as social proof of your service.

Utilizing video testimonials from your customers is also an excellent way to do this. However, if your moving business is new, you can use stock photos created explicitly for you or off the internet. If you specialize in residential moving, you should use family-oriented images, as this denotes warmth and might be more relatable for your intended audience. 

Your moving company website design isn’t complete without the initial moving quote form. This helps draw in your user as it’s short and only requires the apartment type and involved locations in estimating a price range. However, this is only designed to show your goodwill while reeling in the user, after which you now present them with a more complex and custom quote.

To choose the appropriate moving checklist for your business, you can consult the MyMayflower Move Portal for ideas on vital points. Afterward, craft an estimate form that captures all necessary information from the company’s side; this includes insurance, labor fees, conditions for long-distance moves, fees relating to belongings type or building construction (stairs, elevators), etc.

This aspect of your moving company website also ties into your use of CTAs. Ensure it’s deployed at suitable blocks, as a specific and relatable call to action converts up to 202% more than generic CTAs.

Another innovative way to make your website stand out is to integrate video chat features for prospective movers. Seeing as not everyone might have the time for physical examinations, and your moving checklist might not be encompassing enough, a virtual survey helps shed more light on the situation of things. 

Ensure your company contact information is conspicuously displayed. This way, your audience can reach you with just the dial of a button. And in addition to the generic information, provide contact forms where users can give an explanation as to the reason for them contacting you.

Samples of mover websites that can be used for inspiration

Let’s take a look at two industry examples of moving business websites you can pattern your web design after.

A-Mrazek Moving company website example

The A-Mrazek Moving Systems website uses a simplistic approach in its design. Bright colors highlight each aspect of their moving services, with a pinned header tab depicting different destinations on the site. And in addition to their displayed contact information, a contact form is available where users can detail requests when initiating contact.

Einstein moving business website template

The website has a background video showing the company’s movers in action running on the homepage. However, despite the impressive graphics, the page’s load time is impressive and also accessible via mobile devices. The website also employs live chat, where users can send direct messages to the company.


Moving company websites requires an FAQ page, which helps you build authority and trustworthiness with your audience. Dedicated to answering questions your clients might have about your business or moving in general, it also helps your page rank better on SERPs.

Besides being vital to conversion, your website is also an excellent avenue for lead generation. You can request user email addresses in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter, after which you can nurture them through emails till they convert into paying customers.

Yes, SEO is important to your web design. Search engines help to increase your website visibility and lead generation chances. However, getting your page to rank on SERPs includes having good and helpful content while also deploying on-page and off-page SEO best practices for your blog. 


Finally, ensure to always pay attention to detail during your website design journey. Less is more when it comes to visual appeal, keep the clutter to a minimum. In addition, remember to add company contact details, the initial quote button, good CTAs, and fully optimize the page for user-friendliness and comfortability.

However, it’s important to know that having an excellent website alone isn’t enough for assured conversion, your marketing campaign has to be top-notch in order to garner leads and prospects. 

Read through our home services marketing article to see best practices you can engage in to see how to 10x your ROI.

Work with a professional web design agency

While all our discussed ideas are actionable tips for building a well-designed moving company website, it might just be too much for the average business owner. Employing the services of a professional web design agency means you get to sit back and relax while the designer implements your ideas.

Contact Klutch Growth today to see the web development services we offer and other areas of which we can be of help to you.

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