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Why Is Google Ads The Best Tool For Your Business?

Google Ads is an online advertising tool that allows you to target customers based on keywords. Its main attraction is that you only get to pay for clicks. This way, you’re spending your marketing budget on actual sales opportunities.

At Klutch Growth, we help you connect the dots by putting all the metrics together and run a quality ad campaign that
puts your business ahead.

Each keyword is assigned a value, the cost per click (CPC), based on its competitiveness. The number of clicks your
campaign gets is what would determine how much you would pay for the ad campaign. This model employed by
Google Ads is why PPC campaigns boast impressive returns on ad spend (ROAS).

How Can We Help Your Disaster Restoration Business Grow?

Stand out among competitors

In the sea of Google Ad campaigns for disaster restoration companies, we at Klutch Growth would help your business stand out among competitors. So how would we manage this? By doubling down on your business’s unique selling point. And we don’t stop there. We also carry out robust competitor research to develop the best ad strategy for your brand.

In-depth keyword research

Several restoration businesses simply follow the default suggestions on Google Ad manager when starting a Google Ad campaign. This is the fastest way to get stuck. You can be different. When we manage ad campaigns for your business, we will dig deep below the surface to source out keywords and LSIs that would get your business more coverage, less ad spend, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

Specific targeting

Do you want an unfair advantage over other disaster restoration services when running Google Ads for your business? Here’s how we can deliver just that. It’s through sharpened targeting based on specific demographics like individuals or organizations, location, and so on. We would also tailor your ads to specific restoration processes. So, for example, it would produce better results to separate ads for water damage from fire damage, and so on. What this does is that it will help generate only quality leads for your business.

Expert landing page design

As a Google Ad agency, we have the technical expertise in designing high-converting landing pages. We won’t just work to bring your leads in, and we would help you craft a system to turn them into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) for your business.

Niche experience

Why should you listen to us as a disaster restoration business? Because we are not only experienced in managing ad campaigns that add to the business bottom line. We also have a wealth of experience working with disaster restoration companies, delivering visibility and better ROAS.

How We Deliver Result Through Google Ads

Target Your Exact Customers

Millions of queries go through search engines daily. And you only need to show up where you’re required. We help sort through the various keywords that apply in your field and pick the best choices for your ad campaign while considering the CPC. Using advanced keywords and audience targeting, your campaign is bound to bring in ideal customers.

Monitor The Metrics

Data is the oxygen of any marketing campaign. We don’t take data lightly. We monitor the efforts and results through the various ad metrics on google analytics at every point of the campaign. We are constantly working to optimize the performance of each CPC campaign to ensure the best returns.

Learn, Tweak, Apply

Every Google Ads campaign must be bespoke for your business and the defined objectives. We work tirelessly till we have a perfect fit campaign just as you want. The goal is to get the most from every click using the best retargeting practices. Each ad campaign provides data to help steep the learning curve and get the best results.

Let's Talk About Campaigns

Keyword Research

Keywords research is the foundation of any successful google ads research. We don’t stay superficial when digging out a perfect fit keyword for our ads campaign. Our team combines keyword research with insights into the market using information about our target audience, offer and competition with a wholesome approach like this you are sure to get a keyword with a CPC thats fit your budgets range

Effective Landing Page Design

Having a quality landing page to welcome every clicks on your ads ensure that your campaing converts to its best you don’t want a landing page that would bore, confuse or annoy visitors to ensure this our team design landing page specific for each ad campaign we focus on presenting your offer the best way possible ensuring every click-through knows precisely what action to take on the landing page

Launch Your Ads Campaign

The crux of google ad campaign is presenting a messages that resonates powerfully with the ideal customer. This goes beyond merely fixing keywords into campaigns. We ensure your add copy passes a specific message. Presented as simply as possible with a solid offer to back it up. We also tie up every loose end before launching any campaign, audience demographics, location, positive and negative keywords list

Selecting The Best Campaing Through A/B Testing

Even after putting all factors in place, We never assume which ads campaign will serve you best instead. we work it out using A/B testing. we can pinpoint the exact message and campaign features to deliver your business the best result. We take the data from numerous test campaigns and piece them together to make every ad spent on your PPC campaign worth it


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