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How to Advertise a Moving Company: Leveraging Paid Ads for Improved ROI

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: September 9, 2023 | Home services advertisement

how to advertise a moving company

You can make your business stand out in the moving/haulage market by learning how to advertise a moving company like a pro. 

Gaining leads, prospects, and paying customers remains the end goal of all marketing strategies. However, many companies don’t achieve their bottom line because their digital marketing strategy is one-sided. They pay attention to only organic traffic and ignore or don’t maximize paid advertising.

Want to stand out in a competitive moving and haulage industry? I’ll help you in this short piece. This guide will help you shore up your paid advertising by implementing minor tweaks to your moving company ads.

How to Advertise a Moving Company: 9 Quick Tips for Winning with Moving Company Ads

Paid advertising is an excellent channel for generating quality moving leads that can directly impact your business growth. However, running an ads marketing campaign (just because) might be different from the deal clincher you think it’ll be.

To ensure you get the desired outcome from your investment, detailed below are a couple of dos and don’ts for you to follow when embarking on a moving company ads campaign.

While running ads is about increasing your reach to command more leads, you need a plan to advertise to people. As a moving company business, your target audience includes people looking to relocate homes, office locations, new homeowners, people requiring storage facilities, etc. 

And you can even showcase your specialty services by targeting keywords like piano, gun safe, chandelier, etc. The reasoning behind audience targeting is to ensure that your ads are only shown to ideal prospects and customers.

moving company marketing location targeting

Attach a location to your moving company ads for an improved return on ad spend (ROAS). It could be your business’s location or the service areas you cover. You can use county location, region, or state. Being location-specific is highly essential to your moving company ad search ranking.

This helps you conserve your ad budget and ensures you’re better positioned for your target audience. A sample of this is showing up for searches that indicate services in Texas and New York City but not in searches for Miami or Tennessee.

Ad retargeting increases the chances of turning potential customers into paying customers. Generating new leads can be daunting; you don’t have to spend all your marketing budget to acquire new faces.

With ads retargeting, you can capitalize on future customers who have already interacted with your business. Your moving company ads are more likely to convert with leads already acquainted with your business. With the Google Ads Performance Max campaign setup, you can run ads to customers who have interacted with your blog post, services page, quote page, or any other landing page.

The top search engine marketing materials recommend investing in ads retargeting after the third ad run. This is because you need some previous customers to provide data that would help predict where to target high-quality leads.

Need more tips to ease the conversion of leads? Go through the piece I’ve added for you here: How to 10x your Home Services Marketing Campaign ROI 

Your ad content could be anything from text to pictures or videos. Many people need to spend more time looking at ads; this is why your content needs to be engaging enough to draw the audience’s attention.

An excellent advice for creating intriguing ads is this: Even though your ad must contain relevant content, you shouldn’t be afraid to go against the norm. 

An example is a moving company advertisement that shows customer reviews from popular review sites and additional moving services you might be the only one offering. Or a video showing an entire building being lifted and transported into a different city by a bunch of workers, complete with a smiling family and all their belongings.

This is opposed to the usual pattern of showing workers moving boxes in and out of a house. While they are both passing across the same message (relocating a family), one is done in a more fun and enthralling manner.

According to a CallPage study, there’s a 220% difference in the conversion rate of ads with CTAs and ads without. Possible incentives include free packing estimates for moving items, free quotes, half-price payment for moving and storage, or referred customers getting a discount. These are all excellent deal sweeteners that’ll make moving company ads worth a second look.

Competitive prices, referral business, and special additional services are excellent avenues for business owners to explore to improve their lead gen. And the best part about this is that they’re natural CTAs. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: “Get a free quote at no cost,” “Get 50% off the moving with storage,” “Refer a friend, get a 20% discount,” etc.

This particular feature makes it easier for your leads to contact you. It’s an integral part of your mover search marketing as it’s the first step in converting your leads into prospects and satisfied customers.

The significant extensions include Google Maps to indicate your service areas, telephone extension, social media marketing extension, or an extension of your preferred contact form.

While this seems like obvious advice, many people tend to abandon their paid advertising campaign immediately after publishing. With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Ads Manager tools, you can gain insight into your conversion rates, CTR, bounce rate, session length, etc. Learning to navigate and interpret data from these tools is a major part of knowing how to advertise a moving company.

Learning how to advertise a moving company is a continuous process that goes beyond setting up your ad alone. You should keep track of the ad campaign to see how it’s performing, track vital metrics, and make adjustments to the campaign to ensure effectiveness and an improved ROI/ROAS.

Advertising your moving service company on the search ranking pages works better when partnered with other forms of online presence. To expand your customer base, you must be part of business directories and marketplaces specific to the home service industry, like Houzz, Moving.com, Trulia, Moverjunction.com, etc.

This is simply because you already have a host of service-qualified leads (SQLs) available on these business listings. Yelp, Google My Business, and other major review sites (modern-day Yellow Pages)  are also excellent places to register your business, as potential customers tend to take recommendations from these sites seriously.

The point is marketing for movers isn’t a rigid affair. You must explore multiple channels and ad formats for more leads and prospects. You would benefit from well-managed handles on select social media platforms and some content marketing efforts on your website blog.

Tip:- Real estate agents are another sure source for moving leads since both industries are well intertwined.

google ads for contractors

Hiring a professional for your advertising campaign is my last tip for you to apply as a moving service business owner. Despite your best advertising efforts, all you sometimes need is the expert touch to make your problems disappear and see instantaneous solutions.

Beyond the tips and best practices highlighted in this article, professional companies or individuals still have one or two advertising tactics hidden under their sleeves to ensure success in your moving company ad campaign.

Want to work with us?

Klutch Growth is one of the professionals I mentioned earlier in this piece. With tonnes of experience serving home service providers like yourself, we are your go-to business for mover search advertising campaigns. And if you need a handler for your overall marketing campaign, we’ve also got you.

You can check out our Google Ads service page or click on the link below to schedule a session, and let’s talk about how we can help move your business forward.


Major metrics to track when running your moving company advertising campaign include clicks, conversions, impressions, and cost-per-click/cost-per-impression. A recommended method for monitoring performance is utilizing an analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, which provides real-time feedback on results, allowing for quick evaluation of effectiveness.

When talking about conversion, search engine ads are the most effective. This is because you can be as specific as you want in targeting potential customers. 

It’s not compulsory to combine the various advertising channels available during a campaign, especially for small business owners that can’t afford a lot of budget for ad spend. The best way to maximize effectiveness is to identify where the bulk of your customers are and focus efforts on the channel.


At the end of it all, the key takeaway I’d like you to leave with is to “ensure you have an exceptional moving company marketing strategy to back up your ads.” The ad campaign’s job is to bring in quality leads; however, it’s still up to you, as a company, to close them.

While digital ads and marketing generally have the larger market share of potential customers, a business that deals in-home services like yours can immensely benefit from traditional advertising.

For further tips and best practices, go through this carefully curated article on the steps involved in running an effective ads campaign as a home service provider.

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