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Top 3 Home Service Advertisement Strategies for Local Contractors in 2023

Oluwadunmola Adefioye | Updated: June 3, 2023 | Home services advertisement

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According to verified market research, the home improvement industry is stipulated to have a value of over $ 1 billion by 2030. To get a fair market share as a business owner in this industry, you must understand and implement the best home improvement lead generation strategies. Although the standard methods of home service advertisement remain the core of this discussion, that is, paid ads, PPC, social media, and referrals. We would focus more on specific practices that would make your brand stand above the crowd in the race for client acquisition.

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Why advertisement is crucial to your home service company growth

For home service businesses, paid advertisement is a major channel to attract potential customers. Although a sizable marketing budget and good effort go into running a successful home service ad campaign. However, the results will improve your key performance index (KPI).

Since COVID, more customers have preferred to schedule their maintenance online. As a result,  online marketing and advertising now produce better ROI for home improvement businesses than other non-technological approaches.

The minimum requirement to increase your business revenue at the base level is to generate new leads consistently. To generate new leads, you need to be visible to potential leads, which can then turn into potential customers. And to make your brand more visible, you need effective advertising techniques. 

These are why you need to pay attention to the working advertising efforts for home contractor service providers.

The best home service advertisement channels in 2023

You need a strategy to get the best out of any home service advertisement you are running. An advertisement strategy helps you plan how you want the ads to run. It also includes an estimate of how much it will cost to get impressions and clicks and to acquire each customer.

The top home improvement advertising ideas remain PPC, social media, business directories, and good old referrals. How can you harness the potential of these customer acquisition channels? We’ll let you in on best practices for each approach.

#1 Strategy: Maximize paid advertising

Paid advertising is paying to have your company adverts on popular platforms so people can engage with your services. This could be social media platforms, search engines, or display ad networks. Whichever way you decide to turn, here are some vitals you’ll need to improve your ad performance.

We’ll break everything down into bits:

A. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement

PPC ads help you optimize your marketing budget by ensuring you pay for user impressions, click-through rates, and even leads generated. PPC ads include display ads and search ads.

We’ll go through each of these PPC ad types, to give you more perspective.

home service advertisement google ads

Search ads are paid advert campaigns that run on search engines, especially Google and Bing. While Google Ads is the most popular PPC ad channel, search ads on Bing bring their fair share of ROI for home contractor businesses. The combination of both PPC channels significantly increases the impressions you get from your ads and can also help with better lead generation.

Google ad is the most used search ad channel and boasts the most PPC traffic. To run a Google ad campaign for your home improvement business, you need a working knowledge of keyword targeting, ad budget management, ad copy, and landing page optimization. All of these take lots of tries to master. Hence, to save time and money, and to get better-guaranteed results, many home service business owners prefer to engage the service of ad experts. Want one? 😉 Klutch Growth has got you.

google local service ads

Google local services ads (LSAs) are an advanced form of Google ads where you pay per contact or leads generated from your ads. It is an efficient version of Google ads as it helps you skip directly from ad placement to lead generation, with no need for clicks and landing pages. However, the eventual cost per prospective customer generated is more than that of regular Google ads.

You need to find the right keywords, strategy, and ad copy to get the best Google ads campaign results. 

Here’s a quick run-through of how to optimize your search ads:

Step #1: Keyword research

Keyword research is vital for search ad campaigns. Targeting the wrong search terms can waste money, time, and effort, and you don’t want that for your business. A rule of thumb for keyword research is to follow the trends. With your insight into the home improvement market as a service professional, you already know the trends. 

keyword planner for google ads

You can leverage that by using keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, Google trends, and Keyword everywhere to find the right key phrases to target. 

You must also consider the keywords’ competitiveness, search volume, and cost-per-click before choosing one. An extra tip for optimizing your search ads is to use negative keywords, which helps to mark out focus phrases that are of no commercial value to your business.

Step #2: Ad campaign setup

google ads campaign types

Setting up the ad campaign itself takes technical know-how. There are various factors to consider when shooting for optimal ad performance. These include audience demographics, type of technology, location, maximum bids per key phrase, number of key phrases in each ad group, and a host of other details. So, it’s no surprise that many home improvement businesses give up on their Google ads campaign efforts because of their steep learning curve. We can help you alleviate that stress. Check our google ads services pages to learn more.

Step #3: Write a captivating ad copy

google ads setup

A successful home service advertisement strategy must be backed up with engaging ad copy. A good ad copy is relatable and identifies the problem the service solves for the homeowner. So, to capture the most leads from your search ads efforts, you need to identify specific customer pain points and show how your home service business would proffer the needed solution.

Step #4: Run A/B testing

This approach is quite simple but necessary for perspective. It’s a tweak in your Google ads’ copy, design, media, landing page, or even CTAs. A/B tests compare two ad sets and tell you which performs better. This way, you get to optimize your ad spend for better conversion.

display ads for contractor ads

The second type of PPC ads is a display advertisement. Display advertisement showcases your company to internet users based on your target audience demographics. Display ads are great for increasing brand awareness. Ads on the display network campaigns show up on high-traffic websites like blogs, news, weather platforms, and mobile apps. Unlike search network campaign ads, display advertising isn’t a direct lead generation strategy; rather, it’s more of putting your brand name out there.

B. Social media ads

Leveraging social media to advertise your home improvement service is an efficient way to get good yields from your marketing investments. For example, Facebook has a wide reach compared to other social media, making it a great platform for online advertising.

Social media ads should be paired with search and display ads to get the best from your marketing efforts. Needless to say, the more platforms you can advertise on, the bigger your chances of getting potential leads and customers.

Facebook ads are particularly great because you can manage ads that run on Meta platforms, Facebook and Instagram. And soon, you can run ads directly to WhatsApp as business owner. This means you can convert leads on a more personal level using social media ads for your home services company. Personally, I prefer social media ads for gathering leads and then nurturing them through a relatable social media calendar.

An easy way to optimize your social media advertising efforts is to build a social media profile for your home service business through constant engagements. While your brand’s social handles should be primarily dedicated to receiving feedback and maintaining communication with your online followers, it is also a crucial marketing channel to convince more potential clients.

The key to using your social media profiles as a marketing tool is frequently posting about your contractor business. Having an online presence is more than having an account dedicated to your business. You have to post your activities and encourage people to engage them as much as possible. Growing organically on social media will help generate more qualified leads without spending on ads.

#2 Strategy: Get listed on business directories

An effective digital marketing plan in the home services industry is to get listed on local service directories. This time, it’s not the traditional Yellowpages, but its digital equivalents. The best of these modern business listings is Google My Business. 

google my business directory

Google My Business is a free online product that can improve your digital advertising efforts. As customers search for home service providers in their region, businesses properly listed on Google My Business would show up alongside results from Google ads and organic ranking. To improve your business rating on Google My Business, you need to fill in all details including contact details, location, service hours, area of coverage, website address, directions, and so on. Optimizing your business on Google Maps Pack also helps your chances of appearing on search engine queries.

Other platforms that can function as a business directory for your home contractor business include HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and Remodelling.com. These sites are trusted with thousands of potential customers who are ready to hire service providers like you. So, creating a profile could help get more clients through your doors. Also, third-party listings help to confirm your brand’s trustworthiness, expertise, and authority, which are required to help authenticate domain performance by Google and other search engines.

#3 Strategy: Harness the power of referrals and reviews

Customers are more likely to hire businesses with an online review. In simple terms, there is no way around this than to deliver quality service to your customers. Happy customers are likely to refer your business to others needing home service. Reviews on trusted sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor carry a lot of weight, so it’s important to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services.

customer reviews for home services websites

You can encourage your former and current customers to drop positive reviews on trusted review sites, your social media handles, or in your inbox.  You can showcase these reviews on your website, paid ads, and other platforms you use for generating leads.

Home service advertising best practices to boost ad conversion rate

Here are some hacks you can use to boost engagements for your home service advertisements.

Home improvement advertising is similar to a sales pitch; you must be confident and show expertise. Homeowners are more likely to trust experts with their home maintenance. A simple tip is to describe your approach to solving common problems for prospective customers to understand. This applies especially to your ad copy and your landing page content.

One pretty neat way to make your expertise stand out is to use social proof on your content pages. For example, instead of packing all your client reviews and testimonials into one small section of your webpages, or even dedicating a case study page, you can integrate them into content instead. How would this work? When social proof content are restricted to specific section or pages, you’re expecting your website visitors to go in search of them. That’s okay, but not maximal. Instead, you can bring your best testimonials to show readers of any content page, how you have a record of delivering on your services, and that can help build trust faster.

Another important tip for home service advertisement is to show the value that potential customers will gain from patronizing your service to give your potential leads a reason to choose you. For example, as a roofing company, you can offer free roof integrity checkups as part of your promotional ad offers.

content archive sample for home services websites

You can also provide value for your website visitors through detailed blog posts that provide specific customer insights. Not forgetting that these helpful articles also help with your website’s search engine optimization, and can bring in more potential customers through organic SERP ranking.

A simple way to get your business resonating in the minds of sales-qualified leads is to empathize with them. In your adverts, show that you understand what they are going through and you are willing to help them scale through. For example, as an HVAC business, you can better empathize with customers by 

Free quotes and consultation sessions are effective online advertising additions that help attract more service-qualified leads. Freebies such as a client’s first home service or holiday consultation can go a long way in attracting potential customers to your business.

promo and offer sample for home contractor websites

Discounts and promotional offers are a good way to attract and retain sales-qualified leads. For example, creating gift cards that customers can use to access your service after reaching a milestone can spur the customers to continue opting for home service businesses.

Lead generation and business growth can be tied to the usability of your website. A responsive and accommodating website design is essential as customers are more comfortable browsing through your offers.

It’s important to show the process and results of your completed projects. This way, people can appreciate the effort you put into your job. Using before and after photos reassures potential leads of the veracity of your business’s service.

Home service providers must learn to leverage customer testimonials and reviews to gain leads’ trust. It’s not enough to have an excellent website design and show work progress; you need the testimony of past and present customers to reassure potential customers of your business.

Personalizing CTAs can be the difference in terms of lead generation. According to a Hubspot survey, personalized CTA performs 202% more than basic CTAs. When your CTAs address each individual according to their level in the buyer journey, it triggers the emotion necessary for them to commit. For example, existing and new users shouldn’t get the same CTA regarding accessing your service.

A useful tip for improving your lead generation is to use different landing pages for different ad campaigns. Simply, you offer multiple services or different stages of a service. In that case, it makes sense for specific ad campaigns to lead to landing pages where prospective clients can easily access you.

google analytics for home service businesses

After investing in ads, you also need to pay attention to the ad performance. Measuring ad performance can be done by tracking the click-through rate (CTR), number of leads generated per ad campaign, conversions, or ROIs. All of these can be measured through Google Analytics which has to be installed on your website backend. Of course, the goal is to get as much revenue as obtainable for every dollar spent on ads. However, it often takes a few tries to get the right ad campaign setup with an optimal conversion rate.

A little on how to nurture leads generated from ad campaigns

Lead nurturing is the process of converting your leads into paying customers. And the top strategy to do this is email marketing. Here’s how you can leverage email marketing for lead nurturing:

The first step in optimizing your email conversions is to clean your email list. Most email lists and contact databases contain inactive subscribers. You need to fish out those contacts that don’t open or engage with your emails. 

You can do this by sending an email that requires a certain action within a timeframe. Consider deleting those inactive contacts if there is still no response. Reducing spam complaints like this is a great way to increase the deliverability of your emails. 

While maintaining contact with your leads, use good subject lines. Your subject line must be attractive and compelling enough for the lead to click on the email. The other part is for the body of the email to be persuasive enough to lead to action.

A lot of times, sending emails can be tedious work requiring inspiration. What you can do is come up with a sequence of emails at once. Then, schedule them to drop in your contact’s inbox at specified intervals, bringing timely offers and reminders to get them to take action.


LSA stands for Local service ads. It’s a kind of ad that helps leads book your service from the search engine. It is generally more effective because the cost depends on lead generation, although you must work on making the lead into a customer.

Yes, combining social media ads with Google ads is a solid home service advertisement approach. For even better results, you can try out multiple search ad platforms alongside various social media platforms, as much as your marketing budget can take. In all, the key to quality ROI is to invest more on ad platforms with better conversions.

Your ad performance can be measured through different parameters. One of the easiest ones to understand is the CTR (click-through rate). While the ultimate measurement is the ROI on cost per click or lead, the ad performance does not directly influence leads turning into customers.

Display advertising brings your company and home service to people’s awareness. While the results are not as tangible as search advertising, they have a more lasting effect on brand awareness. So, display advertising is important.

If you are new to home service advertisement, the safest bet is to hire experts to ease you in. If home service advertisement is not done right, positive results will be hard to come by.


Lead generation is crucial to home services companies, and one of the effective ways to generate leads is through home service ads. However, having a strategy is just as important as launching ad campaigns. With the right strategy, you can position your home service ad to benefit you maximally. Finally, if you find running your home service ad intimidating, you can always ask experts in Google AdWords, e.t.c. to develop a suitable home service advertisement strategy.

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